Our Process


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To get started, call the phone number below and you will be connected with one of our highly qualified experts. 410-228-2070 sales@c-klord.com

Discovery of Client Objectives

You can count on us to find a practical solution to design and fabricate products that meet your needs.

Solution Design

We will work with you to outline how we can minimize the time & cost of a solution implementation and maximize the solution's quality.


We will generate a finalized contract of the work we will complete for you.

Quote with Timeline

Once we understand the product needed, we will use that information to generate a quote for you with a timeline toward completion of the project.

Build & Implement

If you have decided to let C&K Lord design your product, our highly qualified team of experts will work together to create a high quality product for you.

Installation & Testing

This is where we will install your product and verify it is stable and safe.

Start Up Support

If needed, we will provide orientation on how to use your product.

Schedule Service & Support as Needed

If you need us to come back for maintenance or any further support, we are just a phone call away.

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