CNC Bending

Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Bending – Tru-Tops Bending Software
We use the same software platform with our laser and press brakes. Tru-Tops Bend is a programming system that was specially developed for bending sheet metal parts on Trumpf brakes. Developed views (layout with the part “unfolded”) can be imported from 2D and 3D CAD files. Then Tru-tops computes the optimum bending.
Then Tru-tops computes the optimum bending sequence. The touch screen control offers management of tools, programs and materials and set up plans with 3D simulations of the bending process. This gives us the ability to make your manufactured parts to critical tolerances. Let us quote your parts!
  • 1/4" Steel, 10 Foot Length
  • 1/4" Stainless Steel, 9 Foot Length
  • 3/8" Steel, 5 Foot Length
  • Automated Backstops
  • Capability of designing custom Dies

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